Special September

September is a big month in our family!  First off, the 19th is our anniversary!  This year, Nate and I celebrated 3 years of marriage!  Never in a million years would I have pictured us where we are at in life right now if you'd have asked me 3 years ago, but I wouldn't change it for anything!  In our "plan", we would be buying a house this year and in 2 years having our first baby.  Funny how God has a different plan for each of us isn't it?  And what can I say....His plan is ALWAYS the perfect plan! 


(Almost all of these pictures were taken by family members.  We don't have many wedding pictures because our photographers never gave them to us and fled the state before anything could be done.  We do not know where to find them now but we still try to search for them because they are probably out scamming other people.  Best piece of wedding advice I can give you...DO YOUR RESEARCH on all of the people providing a service for you.  It never hurts! )

Our next speical day in September is the 25th which is Nate's birthday!  This year we celebrated his Golden birthday....he is 25 now!  Crazy!  We started dating when we were 17 and 18.....where has time gone!  We had a bon fire and chili with some of our family and close friends to celebrate Nate...I think it was his best birthday yet!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.  You truly are my best friend.  This year has been the best year, making our family of 2 a family of 3!  It is seriously the best feeling when I see you with Porter.  I can't tell you how much it makes my heart happy to see you with him!  You are the best husband and the BEST Daddy!  I love you so much, Nate!

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