5 Months Old!

You are 5 months old! Some things to remember about month 5....
- Since I didn't blog it in your 4 month post, you were 16.5 lbs and 26 3/4 long at your 4 month checkup. You have grown since then so I can't wait until our 6 month appointment to see how big you are getting!
- You are still in size 3 diapers
- You are in some 3-6 month onsies but mostly 6-9 month. You wear 3-6 and 6-9 month pants. You won't be in the 3-6 month ones much longer because they are starting to look like high waters!
- You are still in size 2 shoes but my guess is you'll be in size 3 by Christmas time.
- Your sleeping has been a little off lately. You are still going to sleep great, you just have been waking up some during the night. Once i put your bottle in your mouth, you usually go back to sleep pretty quickly. There have been a few nights you just want to sit and play so hopefully we will get past that soon :)....although, you are so cute and smiley it really doesn't bother me to get up and see your sweet face at 2a!
- You are still eating 6 oz. every 1.5-2 hours but you have eaten 8 oz. several times recently and even a couple of times 10 oz.! You are a growing boy!
- We have tried baby food this month since your pediatrican gave us the thumbs up and you aren't too sure about it yet. I think you like the idea of eating it, you just can't quite get past the texture. It is SO funny to watch you! We started you out on oatmeal and you loved it and did great with it! After a few days of oatmeal, we introduced green beans, then carrots, then sweet peas, then sweet potatoes. You honestly didn't love any of them but I think it is just you getting used to the new texture and eating from a spoon. You don't like sweet potatoes though so I don't think we will be trying those again anytime soon!
- You sat in your highchair for the first time to eat your food and it was a MESS! Your daddy and I just cracked up! You did so good sitting up at first but about half way through, you got tired and started sliding over....you then started pushing food out of your mouth and it gtot ALL OVER. It was too funny! We have been feeding you in your little rocking chair since then and will try the highchair when you get a little better at sitting up.
- You still love daycare....and they still LOVE you.
- You roll over ALL the time. I mean ALL the time....everytime we lay you down you somehow end up on your tummy in .5 seconds! You are FAST! You still don't love being on your tummy though so that usually doesn't last too long. You either flip back over or let mommy and daddy know that you are ready to not be on your belly.
- You are almost able to sit up! We lay you down and you hold on to our fingers and we count 1....2....3 and pull you up. You LOVE this. I know that any day now you will be sitting up all on your own like a big boy! You like being in your Bumbo for this very reason.
- You are pretty much holding your own bottle unless you are tired. If you are tired you want us to hold your bottle and you will lay your arm across your eyes. It is too cute!
- You still love your toes. If you are on your back (and haven't rolled over) then your feet are always by your mouth.
- You've still had some trouble going to the bathroom so we are still giving you juice. It seems to help most of the time. We usually give you Apple Prune juice.
- When you are sitting up in someone's lap or in your carseat it is hilarious because you have started crossing your feet! Any time we have you sitting up your feet are crossed. We laugh all the time at how cute you look when you do this!
- You went on your first road trip! We went down to Mena to the deer lease daddy is on and you did AWESOME! You cried one time and it was just because you were hungry. Once you were fed you were good to go.
- While we were at deer camp, we let you suck on a grape. You went to town on that grape! You loved it!
- I'm also pretty sure you are cutting a tooth. You drool ALL.THE.TIME. We have to change you a lot becUse yor clothes get so wet!

Porter Lee,

This past month was so much fun with you (then again, all months are)! You are really starting to interact with me and daddy and we LOVE that. You are the light of our lives and we are so thankful that God entrusted us to be your parents. I know we are so undeserving of such a sweet, precious gift but we will forever be so thankful for you! We love you to the moon and back baby boy!

Mommy and Daddy

(Some pictures from this past month)

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