Avey Babies - 1.5 and 3.5 Year Updates

Time for a little Avey Baby Update!

Kinley Mae:

You are 1.5!  What??  You have grown so fast.  I just can't even believe we are just a few months away from you being 2!

- I have not measured or weighed you recently.  I'll try to do that today and update this for my records.
- You are wearing size 2T and 3T clothes.
- Your shoes are a size 7 although you have a few size 6's that still fit you too.
- You can say "mama", "dada", "bubba", "gigi", "papa", "maw", "d", "night night", "baby", "bye-bye", "thanks", "thank you", "please", "cheese", "yes", "no", "ball", "shoes" and I am sure I am forgetting some.  You are soooo good at repeating words after us.
- You can tell us what a chicken, dog, goat, sheep and cow say.
- You know where your nose, eyes, mouth and belly / belly button are.
- You are still VERY much a Mama's girl.  I think you would be content if I just held you allllll day, every day.  I like that you like me so much!
- You are a shy little girl.  When someone talks to you that you don't know you burry your face into my shoulder and give them the side eye.  It's mostly men you are shy around.  The only men you will really let hold you are Daddy, Papa and Googy.
- I think you will be our tender hearted little one.  We don't hardly ever have to spank you or swat your little hand.  We can just tell you "no" a little sternly and you will cry your little eyes out.  I'm ok with that though...I don't like spanking you babies!
- You are still the best eater ever.  I don't think you have eaten much that you don't like. You like to eat right when you get up and are pretty scheduled on your other meals too.  You will let us know when you are hungry!  Donuts are your very favorite food!
- You like to go to bed around 8p every night but we've been keeping you up until about 8:30p lately and you don't seem to mind too much.
- You still nap everyday around 1p and sleep for about 2-3 hours.  Today you actually slept for 4 hours! Growth spurt maybe??
- You still love your babies.  You usually carry one around most of the day.
- You also carry your blanket around a lot and when we drop you off at nursery every week, if you aren't holding it you will cry when we leave you.  I guess you like some sort of security.
- Some of your nicknames are: "Bay-Bay" (by Porter), "Squeaker", "Squeaker Bug", "Squeaky", "Kinley Bug".
- You like to watch Paw Patrol with your brother.  You also like Princess Sophia, Mutt and Stuff, Umi Zoomi and Goldie and Bear.  You will actually sit still and watch TV some unlike your brother at your age.

You are a sweet girl and your little personality is really shining right now!  You are so attached to me and I love it (although it makes it hard to get much done, ha!).  I hope that you always like your mommy and daddy as much as you do now.  We are crazy about you, little girl!


You are 3.5!  I just can't even believe it.  This time with you has just flown by!

- We just measured you and you are
- You wear a size 12 or 13 shoe
- Your pants and shirts are size 5T or 5/6
- Your favorite thing right now is telling big stories (or windys as we like to call them!)
- Most of the time you are pretty outgoing.  You have your moments of being shy when you are around a bunch of people you don't know but for the most part, you are pretty outgoing.
- You are saying the funniest things right now!  I just ordered a journal online that I heard about to record the funny things you say everyday and I can't wait to get it in the mail so I can start using it.
-  You are the pickiest eater on the planet.  We have trouble getting you to eat ANYTHING.  You'll eat candy, chips, fruit snacks and drink chocolate milk or sweet tea alllll day long but not much else.  You will eat fruit and cherry tomatoes well so I guess that is good!
- You are our night owl.  I think you'd stay up until midnight if I'd let you.  You usually stay up until Daddy and I go to bed around 9:30 or 10p and you sleep until 8-9a.
- You go to KDO at our church one day a week.  You really like going and love playing with your "church friends".  You will not tell us their names, you just refer to them as your "church friends".  Quite the little stinker you are!
- You love big trucks (18-wheelers) and tractors the most.  Pretty much anything with wheels makes you happy though.
- Paw Patrol is still your favorite show right now.  Scooby Doo comes in at a pretty close 2nd though.
- Some of your nicknames are: "Porty", "Pickle", "Bubba", "Bubby"

You are the sweetest, most tender hearted little boy.  You have the best manners and tell us you love us 1,000,000,000 times a day (which I love).  I think you do this to make up for your ornery side!  You definitely have a rotten side and like to push the limits on a daily basis.  I wouldn't trade you and your little goofy, fun-loving personality for anything!

Love you babies,

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