Catching Up

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our families!  I am reminded just how blessed we are around the holidays.  We both have big families that gather as often as we can and it makes me so happy when we do! 

This little turkey was so cute!  She is a mess! 

The day after Thanksgiving we headed out for our traditional Black Friday shopping trip.  So. Much. Fun.  I look forward to this day for months!  We don't ever do a ton of shopping and usually don't even have anything in particular to buy.  We just like to get out in the madness and stay up late one night a year (I am an old soul so 10p is late for me...ha!). 

We of course spent lots of days at the grocery store buying things to make for our many gatherings!  Our local grocery store just got these little carts and Porter LOVES them.  

We also made a special visit to see Santa.  Some liked it, others not so much! 

2015 - KM (1.5 years), Porter (3.5 years)

And just for fun, a little look back on our Santa visits in the past.  

2012 - Porter (6 months)

I have no idea where my picture is for 2013.  I hope I didn't lose it! 

2014 - KM (5 months), Porter (2.5 years)

These kiddos crack me up!  Porter tried on a pair of my pajama pants and they thought it was the funniest thing ever.  I love that they like each other so much! 

We also had to play a little dress up.  This child loves his cow costume.  It might be 3 sizes too small but it's still a favorite. 

We also got to have Uncle D and Hannah home for about a month for Christmas break.  We LOVE when they come home!  To celebrate, we went out for ice cream at our favaorite, Cold Stone! 

Nate and I also got to enjoy a rare date night to see Home Free.  They were so, so good! 

Uncle D and Hannah called one day before Christmas and asked to watch the babies for a few hours so I could go out and get some last minute Christmas errands ran without having to get babies in and out of cars.  I think the babies loved it and I know I loved it! 

My double cow-lick cutie patootie! 

Porter and daddy worked hard on their gingerbread house! I am pretty sure Porter ate half of the candy before it made it on the house but he had a lot of fun! 

For Christmas, Santa brought the babies new bikes!  Little miss walked right past her bike and grabbed one of Santa's leftover cookies!  This girl is serious about her food! 

Porter loved his motorcycle bike! 

She had lots of fun playing with her new toys! 

A couple of days after Christmas, we had a surprise visit from some of our best friends!  They are currently in San Antonio but will hopefully be back in Arkansas soon!  Nick and Nate have been best friends since 6th grade.  Nick has kind of became like a brother to me so when he married Katlyn I was so happy!  She is the sweetest! 

We once again had lots of family Christmas'...most where I forgot to take pictures!  I did get one of Porter with his Papa.  They are besties. 

And cute little miss with her new baby doll, Stella.

He got to have daddy all to himself one Saturday morning so they spent it eating breakfast at McDonald's and doing whatever Porter wanted to do.  Most kids would pick Chuck E Cheese or something along those lines.  This child wanted to "got to the gun stores and Belas (Cabela's)".  Nate is so proud!

While the boys look at guns, the girls shop at Target! 

We've also been busy having some car races around here. 

More family Christmas with my girl.

Someone also got a little carried away with his new Paw Patrol art set.  Praise the Lord for Magic Erasers! 

One New Year's Eve, Porter and I came down with a stomach bug.  We were sick all of New Year's Day and then Nate was sick the day after.  Luckily Kinley Mae never got sick.  We thought we were all clear, then on Saturday night, another bug hit our house!  Porter, Nate and I were all sick again until Tuesday.  Kinley Mae must have one good immune system! 

Someone requested Jello for his first meal after being sick.  What sick babies want, sick babies get! 

Once we were all better, we headed outside to enjoy some much needed sunshine!  This little cutie loves her trike!

He is looking too much like a big boy! 

Porter is always trying to make her laugh.

Mommy's lap is a very popular spot.  And I think it's safe to say that neither of these babies likes to share it! 

On January 1st we also welcomed a new baby to our family!  Our nanny decided to have an New Year's baby!  We let Porter name him and he chose "Little Baa".  (He also named the new dog "Little Buck" a few months back)

Not a serious bone in his body.

On January 9th I turned one year older and got to celebrate with my favorites!  We had a pretty low-key day, I had to attend a funeral, then we went to supper with Mom, Dad and Grandma Mae.  

Yesterday at church...these babies are just precious!  They make their momma happy! 

And sometimes, they realllllly like each other! 

Little fashionista! 

And a late but Happy New Year!  We are excited to see what 2016 holds for the Avey family! 


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