Sunday Shower!!

Well today is our shower at church! I am so excited about it! It is not your normal shower at all. Its not really a shower and its not really a pounding.....its a cleaning shower! They decided to get Nathan and I things we needed for cleaning! Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, Pledge, Windex, etc. I think this is a fun twist on your normal shower! I will post pics later! I also still need to post pics from our shower last weekend that my bridesmaids threw me! It was great! Tomorrow we will have 19 days until the wedding! OMG can you believe it! Time is just starting to fly by! I sure hope that time slows down a little after the wedding so Nathan and I can have time to just enjoy each other. I tell you what though, I think we are both looking more forward to the trip to Florida! Neither one of us has had a vacation in a couple of years and it is looooong overdue! Well I guess I will post pics soon!

Chrissy :)

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