Wonderful Wednesday!!

Well I was just thinking about it and we are officially almost in the 20's on the countdown!! YAY!! I am getting so anxious and so nervous! There is still so much to do! I have started making a to-do list for things I need to get done every week until the wedding. Hopefully it helps! This weekend is my bridal shower that my bridesmaids are throwing me! Its the one we had to reschedule so I am getting super excited! I have the best group of girlfriends you can imagine! I love them to pieces! I got to see my bridesmaids dresses for the first time the other day and they were WONDERFUL! My future sister-in-law's mom is making them and they are turning out perfect! I would post pics but I want them to be a surprise! I also got my invites in the mail last week and am super excited about that. I hope that everyone loved them! Well I think thats about it right now but be looking for some pics from the shower this weekend!


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