40 DAYS!!!!

Well today offically marks 40 days until the BIG day! YAY!! We are getting so excited...and nervous! Not nervous about FINALLY getting married but nervous about getting everything done before September 19th! This week on the to-do list...invitations! We are supposed to be mailing out invitations this week. All we have left to do is insert the maps and RSVP cards and we are good to go! I addressed all last week so we are about finished with that part....and no, I don't have carpal tunnel yet! LOL! That is the most time consuming part and I am sooo glad its over! Mom and I also went to Hobby Lobby today (love it!) and bought a TON of ribbon for a project we are doing for the wedding as well as the hot pink cardstock we are using for the RSVP postcards! How fun! Hopefully I can figure out how to download a picture of our invitation and I will post it on here. It is super unique and I am super excited about sending them out!

Last Saturday was mine and Nate's family shower! I was super sad because Nathan got called to work for the first time since he has worked with Simmons and didn't get to come and enjoy his shower! We did get some awesome stuff and his aunt's really out-did themselves. We got a HUGE tent, air mattress, fold-up chairs, quilts, all of the camping equipment you can imagine plus more! Then we of course got some house-hold items from our other family members too! I think that besides all of the camping gear my favorite present had to be my Aunt Dar and my Mom's gifts. I opened mom's first. It was a beautiful cross for my cross wall (if you didn't know I do collect crosses) and she is having it engraved in memory of my Papa. It was so special to me. My Aunt Dar and my cousins MiKael and Shelley bought me 2 pictures...one of my Papa when he was 18 and one of my Memaw when she was about the same age. They are beautifully framed and I am so excited about hanging them! I am starting a wall of old timey pictures and these will be my first ones for the wall. My family is so supportive and so sweet and I could not ask for a better one! Well our next shower (bridesmaid's shower) is in 2 weekends and I am stoked about it!! It will be sooo great! I have the best friends and I just know they are so going to out-do themselves! I will try and post pics from our shower last weekend soon! I have to steal them off of my mom's memory stick!

Thanks all and keep Nate and I in your thoughts and prayers for our upcoming marriage please!


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