Wednesday Update

Well its finally time to come back to reality. These last few days have been somewhat of a haze and I can definetly say I am glad they are over. It has been a hard 2 weeks. I have never lost someone close to me and I can say that it is by far the weirdest feeling in the world. I know that my Papa is in Heaven now but its just so hard to think that he will not be at my Memaw's house tthe next time we are over there. It all feels so surreal. I do have to say I have the most amazing family ever. To see such a huge family come together and be so strong for each other was so wonderful. We each had our weak moments but there was always someone there for you to cry on. My Papa was such a loved man. He had so many friends and I was so amazed at how many people came to show their respects. I never knew he had so many friends. Thanks to all for the love and support. It was appreciated more than I can say! Please keep my Memaw in your prayers still. It will be difficult for her when she decides to go home from my Aunt Dar's house.

On a wedding note, not much has been done lately. We have had so much going on wedding plans kind of got put on hold! I did get in my invitations and my big pictures to display at the wedding! They are WONDERFUL!!! Even better than I could have imaginged! Hopefully this week I can knock out a few more things on my to-do list! My shower that was supposed to be last Saturday got postponed until August 22nd. I have the best bridesmaids! They worked so hard to get everyone notified of the changes. I also have to give a shout out to my cousin MiKael's aunt Deb! She is awesome! On Friday right after Papa passed away, she asked me for my list and started calling everyone on it filling them in on what had happened! She was so helpful and I appreciated it so much! We also have a shower this coming Saturday! Its a little different because its a breakfast shower! Its from 9AM-11AM! Nathan's aunt are throwing it for us and they figured since mine and Nate's favorite meal is breakfast (bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, etc.) they would plan a morning brunch! Its basically just a family shower with just mine and Nate's families. Its a time for them to just get to know each other. I am super excited!

By the way.....only 52 more days until I am Mrs. Avey!! YAY!!!


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