Quiet Time

So I am just sitting here at the hospital and have nothing to do so I figure now is the perfect time to blog. I have been here since yesterday at about 6:30 PM. Its been one long 24 hours. Papa had a very exhausting day yesterday visiting with his brothers and sisters that came up from Jasper. He got in bed last night and no sooner had he laid down, he started getting sick. He would get sick for about 30-45 min. and then seem fine so we would start laying him down again and the routine would start over. The nurses and doctors gave him every kind of nausea medicine they could to help the vomiting but he would just throw them right back up. At about 3:30 this morning though, our night nurse Brian came in and gave Papa a shot that helped the sickness. It helped him stop throwing up and finally get 2 hours of good, much needed sleep. He woke up again about 5:30-6:00ish getting sick again but after a few minutes, he was much better. He has not been sick so far all day today but it is usually the nights that scare us. Today he was just exhausted from staying up all night last night and not getting any really good sleep for the last week or so. He has taken a few naps today, most of which last less than an hour just because a nurse comes in to give him some medicine or check his vitals or a visitor comes in for him. He just loves visitors! Please keep him in your prayers today. Tomorrow he should be going home to my aunt Dar's house. They said he would probably be going home today at first but that changed so who knows if he will really be going home tomorrow. Hospice was coming to my Aunt's house to meet with her, my Uncle Mike, my Mom, and my Dad to help them go through the daily routine they will have to go through with Papa when they aren't there to help. Hopefully its a smooth transition. I think Papa is just really wanting to be out of the hospital. Hospice will start out coming only a couple of days a week but then as the daily routines get harder, they will come more often as needed. We are still planning on making a schedule for the week on who stays which nights and who stays which days. We plan on having at least 1 if not 12 family members there at all times. This is just the way that Papa likes it. We also do not want Aunt Dar and Uncle Mike to feel like they are the only ones taking care of him. We are all going to pitch in in any way we can.

This weekend is my shower and of all places to be, its at my Aunt Dar's house. This is where we are taking Papa tomorrow. I told them we could move it to another weekend but they insisited on doing it there Saturday 1) because the invites are out, the cake is ordered, the stuff is bought, etc. and 2) because Papa will really enjoy seeing all of the visitors. I just feel so bad for taking away this time we have to spend with him to do something for myself. Please pray for me to have peace about it. I just know that my family wants to spend every second of every day with him right now, especially with him going home tomorrow.

On a happy note, my photographer is coming into town tomorrow and she is bringing with her my invitations and all of the big pictures I ordered from her for that we are going to set up at the wedding! It just dawned on me that I never posted any of my engagements pictures! When I get home (whenever that may be) I will be sure to get my CD and post some of the AMAZING pictures! In case I haven't said it enough on my previous posts, my photographers are awesome! She does a fabulouse job! Check out their website at:


or her blog at


They do an awesome job and are super great to work with.

Well I guess I will lay back here and take a nap. I am super exhausted and am wanting to be all rejuvinated tomorrow for work. Thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers!

Chrissa-ma-tino (this is what my Papa always calls me:)

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