Please be in prayer for my Papa Porter. In March of this year he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has been in 2 times since then to remove tumors in his bladder. We thought the doctors had gotten rid of them but we found out this week that the cancer is back, this time it has spread to the kidneys and liver. There is also fluid around his stomach that came back cancerous as well. Today, we received the hardest news of all though. Papa will probably only be with us for another 6-9 months. Please pray for him right now and his strength through this whole process. He is trying to stay strong for the family and we are trying to stay strong for him as well. Hopefully he will be going home in the next few days. When he does go home, he will be going to live with either my mom, my Aunt Dar, or my Aunt Nita. It will be a big life change for everyone....one that we are so glad is finally happening. My Memaw is not mentally capable of taking care of my Papa and he decided it was best for his health to come stay with one of his girls. We just love him and want the best for him right now.

Here is a picture of my Papa talking to my cousin Jarrod. He is the sweetest little feller :)

We love you Papa!

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