5 Christmases :)

We started out our Christmas on Tuesday night with Nathan's mom's side of the family up at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO....for those of you who haven't been, you MUST go! Its beautiful! We had so much fun even though we only got to go for 2 days! Kenny and Glinda were kind enough to invite Glinda's ENTIRE side of the family up for 3 days/2 nights at Big Cedar. They have a time share up there and thought it would be nice to do something a little different this year. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back! I have to say I do have great in-laws!

The deer they used for the kiddos stockings! They forgot the real stockings so everyone walked away with a new pair of socks! LOL! :)

Nathan and his cousin Daniel

Nate and his brother Kyle sitting on Santa's (aka Kennys) lap!

Kyle, Nate and Bradley goofing around!

Some of Nathan's cousin's lounging on the couch!

The bathroom in mine and Nate's room :)

Our beautiful room!

The view from our room...beautiful!

The view from the living room in our condo

Some of the condos up at Big Cedar

The view of the cabins across from ours

Our condos :)

Above the registration desk....Nate was in heaven

The WONDERFUL Christmas tree in the lobby....don't worry...I will have one of these some day!

Down the hallway in the registration building....they use this for confrences and parties..its georgeous!

The hallway leading to the restrooms!

A replica of a buck chasing a doe...it was an insanly large buck!

Me and the Tater :)

In front of the tree!


Nate, Me, Sarah (sister-in-law) and Kyle (Nate's brother)

Kenny and Glinda (Nate's parent's)

Us kids again

Before we went home we decided to run up to Springfield and go to PFI....its a store similar to Cavender's and Nathan LOVES it! They don't have one around here so we have to make special trips.

We then headed to.....dun-da-da-da....BASS PRO!!! This is Nate's all time favorite store and the closest one is Tulsa....he loves it! He was a happy boy!

Alligator in Bass Pro....UGH

As you walk in the door..
On Christmas Eve night, we headed over to K & G's to have Christmas with them as just our small family. It was really fun! I got a lot of fun stuff (including the rest of my Gail Pitman dishes) from them. They are good in-laws and spoil us kids WAAAYYYY too much!
G's Christmas tree!

G and Phyllis....Phyl is Nate's handicapped aunt that lives with his parents! She is a hoot and will keep you laughing for HOURS!
K opening his gifts

Kyle and Sarah opening their gifts

Christmas morning look what we woke up to......SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that it was much but its the first white Christmas we have had in a LOOONNNNGGGG time!

Nate and Biscuits stockings! I forgot to put mine in this pic....oops!

Nate opening his presents

My new Jessica Simpson purse Nate got me...I love Jessica Simpson!

Opening another present
Some of my yummy scents Santa left in my stocking :)

Nate got me a new pink Schrade knife for me to keep in my purse! Its so cute!

We then headed over to my parents house to have Christmas with them! It was a lot of fun! We got tons of cute/cool things! They really do spoil us kids!
Me with my new sparkly Toms!
Mom's beautiful mantle and our stockings!

Mom's Santa tree! Its beautiful!

Me, Nate and my bro Dalton sitting in the hallway waiting to head into the living rooms to see our Santa presents/stockings
Me and my bro :)

We also had Christmas with my Mom's side of the family that afternoon but my camera died so I don't have pics from that! We had such a great Christmas and are SOOO blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!
In case yall didn't know, my birthday is in 9 days! YAY!!! Nathan has decided to take me to Branson Friday night!! How fun! We are going with our friends Courtney, Justin, Ashtyn and Jarrod and I can't WAIT!!! I will for sure post more on that later! Well I have to get off to bed! Tomorrow is work (hopefully we get off early!!) and then we are heading to Tulsa for the weekend for my Dad's side of the family Christmas! I will post pics of that when we get back! Well ya'll have a good Thursday and a safe and happy New Year!!
See ya!
Chrissy :)

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