An Avey Thanksgiving!

Well we had a very good first Thanksgiving as a married couple! We had 3 to attend and boy was I feeling it! By day 2 my stomach was NOT happy with me! I just love Thanksgiving and the time we get to spend with our families! I have a bunch of pics below that I took! Enjoy!

The girls slaving in the kitchen....and Dad! LOL!

The boys watching football......

Shelley's cute little pumpkin pies!

Apple dumplings that I made.....these are my fav :)

Sooo my cousin Shelley does not like sweet potatoes.....do not ever tell any of the boys in my family you do not like something! The following is the reason why:

1) They hold you down in a chair knowing that you can't get up because there is no way you are strong enough to fight back.....

2) They get a spoonful of whatever it is you don't like.......

3) You end up almost getting sick because they force it in your mouth...YUCK! LOL! She was not a happy camper!

This is me and my "boyfriend" Michael....he is my cousin Shelley's son. He is sooo funny! He really likes me and on Thanksgiving day was going to propose to me! HAHA! He is 4 and thinks that we need to get married! He has me a ring and all! He forgot it at home that day so he was really sad but Shelley said that he planned all day to bring my ring to me and give it to me! It was a skull and crossbone ring and he had a matching one! HAHA! How cute is he! I just love this little man!

Me, Shelley and MiKael.....2 of my favorite people :)

Shelley, Memaw, MiKael and Lily Grace

The men in my life.....Dad, Dalton and Tater :)

My cousin Kyles wife Allisha, me, MiKael and Shelley

Lily Grace :)

So my family has this thing about wrestling.....they do it all the time! You will see that in the multiple pictures below....all shot at different times!

MiKael and Kyle wrestling........

Brian and LG wrestling......

Dad and Kevin wrestling.......see what I mean!

Shelley....she was very proud of her Paula Deen Pumpkin Spice cake! LOL

Lily Grace and Ryleigh Kate....I think LG was trying to fix Ryleigh's hair!

LG and Ryleigh again...sweet girls :)

Well Im off to bed! Tomorrow is Friday!! YAY!!! :)
See ya!

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