Midweek Randoms

This week has been a long one so far. Friday can't come soon enough! How has your week been?

I'm looking for some good crockpot recipes. I need to start using my crockpot more and would love some ideas. I am following Crock Pot Girls on Facebook now and they have some good ideas I just need to try some!

Last weekend we bought Nathan a new bow. I was so happy to get him one because he has been wanting one bad! Isn't he cute shooting it? Maybe I'm just partial!

This weekend Nate is going down to the deer lease we are on with out friend Nick so I will be home alone....all weekend. Can't say I'm thrilled about that but, that does mean I will have some much needed craft time! And, Saturday I'm tagging along with my parents youth group to go to 6 Flags in Kansas City so that should be fun!

I'm really excited about having some craft time this weekend. We have been so busy I haven't had any time to sit down at my sewing machine or finish any other projects. This weekend I am planning on making some curtains for a friend that I told I would a month ago!, finish my wreath, make a taggie for someone at work, and any otter projects I can fit in it!

A lot of blogs I follow have been writing about their Erin Condren life planners...I am seriously thinking about ordering one. I am literally on her website everyday looking at them! They are a little pricey but seem worth the price with everything included in them! Plus, if you order now, you get the remaining months of 2011 for free!! I think I may be purchasing one in my near future!

Have a good rest of the week!

The Aveys

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13


Meredith Penzo said...

I am ordering me one! I love them!
A bunch of my friends have them!

Meredith Penzo said...

forgot to tell you- if you wait a while a coupon is coming out! I let you know when!

the Avey's said...

Thats would be great!! Thanks Mere!!

Courtney & Justin said...

I am waiting on mine to come in!