Porter's birth story

So I just realized I never posted anything about Porter's birth story! I have got to get this written down now or I'll forget!

On Thursday, June 7th I went in for my normal weekly checkup. The week before my doctor had talked to me a little bit about being induced so I knew that there was a chance we would be setting an induction date that day if I had not progressed any more. Porter was getting big and she was worried that if I didn't get an induction date set, they'd end up having to do a c-section. At my appointment that day, she measured my belly and had me do one more final ultrasound to try to guesstimate P's weight. (I was 38 weeks at this point). The ultrasound showed that Porter was already weighing in the 9-9.5 lb range (give or take 0.5 lbs). My doctor told me that since he was measuring so large and I hadn't progressed at all, we needed to set a date to induce! Music to my ears! She told me to be at the hospital Monday, June 11th at 6p and that I'd be induced Tuesday morning at 6a!

That was the longest weekend ever! Nate and I were busy getting last minute things finished before it was time to meet our baby boy! Nate took off Monday so we could spend the day together...it was so nice. We showed up to the hospital around 5:30 and got all checked in and I was hooked up to my monitors. Our mom's and my brother came for a quick visit, just to check on us and make sure we didn't need anything. We stayed up talking late Monday night, dreaming about our baby boy. We were so ready to see that sweet face that we had been imagining for months and months!

Monday morning came all too slowly! When 5:30a finally came, they started me on my Pitocin and Epidural. I was only dialated to a 1 at this point so we knew were were in for a looooong day. All of our parents came that morning and we had several visitors throughout the day. I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before so by lunch time, I was starving and THIRSTY! Ice chips were not cutting it! They did let me have popsicles so that helped some. By 3:00 I was finally dialated to a 3! It seemed like forever before I started progressing at all! At 5:00p I was at a 7 finally and within 30 minutes was at a 9. It was almost go time! I started pushing at 6:30p and at 8:36p, our sweet, perfect baby boy made his way into this world! He was perfect in every way possible! He was born with a large cone head but that mostly went away within the first 24 hours. Porter also had very labored breathing when he was born so as soon as they laid him on my chest, they had to take him away to the nursery so they could make sure nothing serious was wrong. I was so thankful because they did let Nathan carry him out of the room and down to the nursery so he could show him to our parents! During this time, the 12899793 people in the waiting room came and gave Nate and I hugs because visting hours were over at 9 and they had to leave. Most of them came back the next day so they could finally meet Mr. Porter! After about an hour in the nursery, the nurses brought Porter back to Nate and I so we could spend some time with him! We spent a little bit with him alone and then invited our parents and siblings in to officially meet him....to say we are all in love would be an understatement! Nate and I were finally alone with him again around 1a after everyone had left and the nurses were done in our room. We spent some more time with him, then finally went to bed because we were all exhausted!

Wednesday morning we woke up early and our parents came back down to spend some more time with us before the visitors started coming again. There was a steady flow all day long of people waiting to meet this precious baby! Since I had him at 8:36p on Tuesday, they wanted us to stay until Thursday morning instead of us leaving Wednesday night so late since they require you to stay 24 hours. We left the hospital Thursday morning around 1p....daddy drove soooo slow on the way home I didn't think we would ever make it! What a good daddy he is! Once we got home, we spent all afternoon staring at Porter, wondering how in the world we were ever so blessed with such a perfect, healthy baby boy....and we have wondered the same thing everyday since then too!!!

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