Back to reality and Newborn pictures

Last Wednesday was my first day back to work (hence, the lack of blogging). I will say, it has been a pretty rough transition! Nate and I dropped Porter off at day care together last Wednesday and it was hard on both of us....me because I was not going to have my baby boy with me all day like I have because used and. Nate said it was hard on him because up until this point, he hadn't really worried about Porter throughout the day because he was with me. Now he was going to be with people we hardly knew. Luckily, my manager had me come in at 7:30a all last week (I changed my hours to 6:30-4:30 so I can get home to my boys sooner) and let me leave at 2:00p so I could get to Porter quicker. Boy was I thankful for that! It definetly made last week a little more bearable. The best part was, day care said Porter was fantastic for them and that he was the best baby! This was music to momma's ears! I knew he would be great and that it would be harder on me than it would be on him, but I just couldn't help but worry all day long that he would be fussy or sad that mommy wasn't with him :).....yea right! He loves it! His teachers are great and have been great to work with. They send me pictures and texts throughout the day so it honestly helps the day go by SO much faster!

Also, I have been meaning to post some of Porter's newborn pictures and just haven't had the time yet. The first few were taken by Myra Wyke and she did a great job! Porter was just not feeling good that day and had pooped and spit up ALL over mommy, so we called it quits early! She literally is the most patient person I know because Porter was crying and not happy the whole time (this is why I knew he didn't feel good because he is such a happy baby usually!) It was definetly a an interesting time! So since we didn't get many pictures that time, I messaged our friend Becca Smith and asked if she'd mind taking a few of Porter with Nathan and I so we'd have more of him as a newborn. She is working on her portfolio and wants to do photography more in the future so she happily agreed and let me tell you, she did GREAT! She only took 900 pictures of him ;)

BIG TIME picture overload....Enjoy!

Myra Wyke pictures

Becca Smith pictures

We are seriously IN LOVE with this little man. He has stolen our hearts completely! Thank you for keeping up with our journey (even though Im terrible at blogging!) as new parents of this precious gift!

The Avey's

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