What's in a name?

Today is a special day to my family and I. No, there it is not anyones birthday or wedding anniversary....it is actually the day that my Papa Porter went home to be with Jesus 3 years ago. This is the day 3 years ago that my family changed forever. Papa was our families rock as I imagine most papa's are, so when he was gone, our family had to learn to function without him. Not an easy task. He was the person we all looked forward to seeing most at Christmas dinner or our million family cookouts... So once he wasn't there anymore, it was like we had a big missing piece to our family puzzle. These last 3 years have been hard for my family but we will never forget our sweet, sweet Papa. We still share our greatest memories of Papa or talk about how we miss his "eye sugars", but we know that one day soon we will see him again and I can't wait!

This year I got to do something really special. I got to name my precious baby boy after my sweet Papa Porter. I want his legacy to live on and his great grand kiddos to know all about him and the great man he was. What better way than to be able to pass down his name?

(Mom, Papa, me and Nate at decoration in May 2009. This was the last decoration Papa was able to go to and I'm so glad we got to go hear his funny stories about him growing up. He was SO proud of his redneck ponchos he made for him and Nate!)

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