Fun Saturday!

We had a very fun day today! Nate took his younger cousin Brad fishing so I decided to meet up with my Mom and Aunt Nini for breakfast at Panera! The boys don't like Panera much so mom and I go there every chance we get! After we finished breakfast, we headed to the Bentonville Square to walk around with Porter for a bit. If you havent been up there on a Saturday morning to their Farmer's Market you should go...they have lots of fun things to look at. Porter even got to put his piggies in the fountain with Grandmama for the first time! After we left the square, mom and I stopped in our FAVORITE shop, The Perfect Choice, to see Mrs. Gwen. She hadn't met Porter yet so we took him up to meet her! We decided after that to go visit my Memaw and run to lunch with her. We decided on Mama Z's! After dropping Memaw back off after lunch, we headed home and are now having a movie night with Daddy! What a great Saturday we have had!

Tomorrow is decoration with Nate's family and then we are going to supper with our best friends Maranda, Nick and Miss Bela! Hope you are all having a good weekend!

(I know this post is boring but I have GOT to get better at blogging about our daily life so I can look back on these posts in a few years and remember what we were up to.)

The Avey's

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