Statement Necklace

I got on GroopDealz today and there is an awesome deal on a very cute necklace! If you are a member, you should go check it out...if you aren't a member, you should become one! Below is the link to the Necklace...hopefully it works since this post is from my phone. I'll also attach a picture below so you can see just how cute it is! Best part about it, it comes in 12 different colors! If it were up to me, I'd order one of each...not sure the hubs would like that though! It was a tough call because the yellow, black and turquoise were all cute, but I decided to go with the turquoise...which would you pick?


(like I said, not a great picture, but you can at least see the necklace options. I'm not sure how long the deal lasts either so get yours before it's over!!)

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