Hauted caves, cows and soups...Oh my!

Well we had a fun eventful weekend in the Avey household! We really enjoyed the weekend finally getting here because last week drug by! Thankfully we had a very good relaxing weekend! First off, Friday night we had a mini birthday party for my Mom. We went to her favorite, Guidos, for dinner with my dad, my bro Dalton, Nate, and Nate's wonderful parents Kenny and Glinda. It was nice to all get together and celebrate mom's birthday together. My brother wnded up spending the night with me and Nate and we all turned in early because Saturday morning we woke up early and went and bought 2 cows!! I know right!! I just love cows and was so excited when one of Nate's growers offered to sell him 2 cows for a really good deal! I grew up on a cattle farm so to have cows of my own now is great! I had a little bit of a hard time when we were on our way home from picking them up because all I could think about was my Papa Porter. Our farm was his pride and joy and one of his FAVORITE things to do was to run cattle. I just miss him so much and every once in a while just the little things will remind me of him. We decided to name them Briscut and Gravy! HAHA! I think I have a food fedish!! Every animal we have is named after a food! We have Biscuit my baby Blue Heeler, Guiness (our lab that is named after a beer....his previous owners named him lol) our 5 goats Peaches, Creme, Nutter, Butter, and Willy (not named after food), and Briscut and Gravy our cows! LOL! I will go take pictures of them tomorrow and post them! They are soo soo cute! Saturday night we decided to go to a haunted cave/maze with my bff Ashtyn and my cousin Jarrod....who happen to be dating! LOL! Its great! It was so much fun at the cave! Its called the Spanish Treasure Cave and is in Gravette. It was soo scary and so neat! We had a blast! Sunday we woke up and went to church, then had a family lunch/birthday party at my Aunt Dar's house! I just love my family! You have no idea how great of a family I have and how blessed I am! Its so great because its always been big but it seems like its always growing weather someone is getting married or having a baby! Its just great! And even though it keeps growing, we all still stay close and are still best friends! Sunday we celebrated my cousin MiKael's daughter Lily Grace's 3rd birthday! Its soo hard to believe that she is already 3 years old! And we also just found out that MiKael is pregnant with her 2nd and she is due in May! YAY! I can't wait to meet him/her! We started out at Aunt Dar's with a soup lunch. Every one brought a different soup and we all tried the different ones. Then we headed off to Fun City for LG's birthday party with all of her friends! It was soo cute! And of course I forgot my camera at my Aunt Dar's house so I didn't get pictures of that part but oh well! It was so fun! I have posted pics below of throughout the weekend! Enjoy!

Some of the wonderful soups that were brought! Yummm!!!

The rest of the soups on the stove! It was soooo good! My belly was very very happy!

My cousin Kyle and Allisha's daughter Ryleigh Kate! Isn't she sooo stinkin cute! I just love her!

And another picture! I think I took like 50 of her that day!

Some of Memaw's great grandkids (my cousin's babies). She has 4 right now and a 5th on the way! From left to right: Lily Grace (MiKael's daughter), Kobye (Shelley's oldest son), and Michael (Shelley's youngest son). I just love these kids! They are the best kids ever!

My Memaw! Sweet lady she is!

Me and my man Michael! He is my little shadow!

My Nater Tater being silly! I just love him!

These are pics my best friend Ashtyn and I took before we went to the hauted cave! We are such dorks! Kissy face!

Practicing our scared faces for the cave!!....not sure what I am doing with my hand! LOL!



Fall Decor and tons of Birthdays!

Well it is officially fall at the Avey house!! Not that I have much to decorate with yet but hey. its getting there! LOL! I love love love fall and just love to watch the leaves on the trees change and the nice cool days....although ours have mostly been cold and rainy so far! Below i have posted some pictures of the decorations I do have up though!

This is the outdoor decorating I did this year! Just some haybales, cornstalks, mums, and pumpkins from the best pumkin patch around...Dickey Farms!

Another pic a little further away

The bowl on my dining room table (Gail Pittman from Southern Living--which is my favorite if you didn't know) and the decorative mix I have put in it for the season!

My antique buffet in the dining room with my fall decorations...obviously I am not finished filling in the holes! LOL! And there is also a wedding gift sitting next to it to take back! HAHA!

Another pic closer up...one of my favorite things I own is that gold bling sign! I bought that in like 9th grade at Kirklands for $7.00! Such a bargain shopper!

And of course...can't have fall without this wonderful fall mix! Candy corn and peanuts! YUM!

Me and my girl LG!

My mom turned 40 yesterday and I would say that she had a pretty good 40th birthday!! First off, everyone under the sun called her and sang happy birthday to her. Me, My aunt Dar, Aunt Nita, cousin MiKael, cousin Kyle and my cousin Lily Grace then took her out to lunch at her favorite...McAlisters! After McAlisters, MiKael brought her up a huge cookie cake to work and my aunts sent her beautiful boquets of flowers! Not to mention, her boss and his daughters decorated her office and had the WHOLE building come sing happy birthday to her and eat a WONDERFUL Rick's cake! What a great birthday she had! This Friday night we are taking her to dinner and then my Dad is taking her on a date to the Walton Arts Center to see the Riverdance...something she has always wanted to do! Love you mom!

Mom's new cane....equiped with an extra set of pantyhose, a horn, old man repelent and a magnifying glass!! HAHA!

Mom with her walker! She sooooo does not look 40!!

Close up of her walker

Mom and Dad's front porch

The front yard....they did a great job decorating! Thanks Aunt Dar, Aunt Nita, MiKael and LG!!

Above Mom's desk at work! How funny!

The beautiful boquets Aunt Dar and Aunt Nita sent Mom at work!

Mom's present she can't have til Friday night.....sorry Mom ;)

We also had 2 more special birthday's on the 20th of October! First off it was my dog Biscuits 1st birthday! Nathan and I went and bought her a new hot pink/camo collar! The hot pink for me and the camo for her daddy! She also got a big bag of treats and a flea collar....although I don't think you would count the flea collar as a present! LOL! The other special birthday was my favorite girl Lily Grace's!!! She turned 4 years old!! It makes me so sad that she is growing up soooo fast!! I love that little girl!! We are having her birthday party on Sunday afternoon after church! First we are starting off at Aunt Dar's house for lunch with the family and then heading on over to Fun City for some fun with LG! Love you Lily Grace!! Happy Birthday!
Lily Grace's birthday present.....wonder what it could be :)

Well that is about it for now! By the way....I am soooo thankful that tomorrow is Friday!! TGIF!!
See ya!
Mrs. Avey :)


Babies, Fried Apple Pies and Honeymoons!

Well get ready to be overwhelmed! HAHA! I Haven't blogged in sooo long and have so much to tell you all! First of all I will start with my friend Christin!! She finally had baby Parson! He was an absolutely beautiful baby and so healthy! He weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and was 2o in. long. I felt so honored because right after she had him and they were ready for visitors, the only person she asked for was me! I felt so special! I just love Christin and baby Parson....and I guess Daddy DK is alright! LOL! They have been some of mine and Nate's good friends since we first started dating and we just love them! Christin and I have been friends since 8th grade and it just so happens that our husbands love each other too! I wish them and Parson the best of luck!

Exhausted momma with her new, sweet baby boy!

"Aunt" Chrissy with Baby Parson! I just love him!
Me and Ash posing with Parson....he is such a stud already!

Proud Grandma and her little man!

Me, Ash and Christin!

Baby Parson in the nursery

Well a few days ago my mom and I decided to go to Hobby Lobby.....in case you didn't know, this is one of my top 5 favorite stores! LOL! Anyway, my guest bedrooom is going to be done in blacks, whites, and reds....not a huge fan of red but we had so much red stuff already it just worked! LOL! So many of you know that Hobby Lobby runs everything in their store half price at some point and this particular week it happened to include lamps! Well I found 2 that I fell in love with! One for the bedside table and one for my desk that is a disater right now in the guest room....AKA Dalton's bedroom! HAHA! (Dalton is my brother and has claimed this room already) So I had one in the cart to buy and my mom decided that she wanted to buy the other one for me! What a great mom huh? So I ended up with my 2 lamps and boy are they cute! See pics below!

The ADORABLE desk lamp my mom bought me!! It is super bedazzled and I love it! Shes a great mom!

The lamp that I bought for the bedside table! I just love stuff that is very different and unique!

I hear lamps will be on sale again at Hobby Lobby again soon and I am needing some for my living room next....maybe my Mom will go with me again ;) LOL!

2 weekends ago we decided to have a get-together at my Memaw's house to learn how to make her famous fried apple pies! Let me tell you, these are not just any fried apple pies! They litterally melt in your mouth! For each of our birthdays, Memaw makes us a big plate of them to take home and we get to call everyone else in the family and rub it in to them that we just got some of Memaw's fried apple pies! They are WONDERFUL! And now I know how to make them!!......not as good as Memaw of course but hey, shes had 50 years of practice now! Maybe someday I will master it.....but probably not anytime soon! LOL!

Had to throw this pic in! Its my cousin MiKael's daughter Lily Grace...I just love her so much!

We also learned how to can apples! That was super exciting to me seeing that apples are my absolute favorite!

Right after the apples are cut up...we put them in a big pot on the stove to simmer for a while!

The final product! It pretty much looks like applesauce! Yum!!!

And Waa Laa!! Canned apples! :)

Me helping Memaw prepare the apples for the fried apple pies!

YAY!!!! I did it! 1 pie down!

MiKael's turn!


Shelley's Jo's turn now!

Good job Shelley!

I didn't get any of Mom making her's but here's her finished product! What a cute pic :)

And here our hard work paid off! Jars of canned apples and plates of fried apple pies! Doesn't get much better than that!!
The next pictures are from Mine and Nate's honeymoon in Daytona Beach, FL!!! I could honestly become a professional beach bum!! It was absolutely the most amazing trip I have ever been on and I wish I could go back tomorrow! Nathan and I had a blast just being the 2 of us, away for an entire week with nothing to worry about! We both had the best time ever and are so thankful for being able to take this trip!

Me at gator golf! They literally have a gator goft course every 1/4 a mile down there!

A sign that was posted at the zoo...too funny!

At the zoo..going into the nasty herpatarium! Yuck!

Right before boogie-boarding!!

Nate and I on the beach.....I can't get enough of the beach!! :)

The view from the back of our condo! It was georgeous!!

Feet view with the ocean behind them!

Nate boogie-boarding! We had so much fun doing this!!

Nate and I at Bubba Gump! Yumm!!

The store that saved Nathan's life! I heard about Bass Pro everyday until we found one! And of course Nathan HAD to have a picture of it!

One of the weird birds we saw in Florida...it was so funny!

Well thats all I have for now! Hopefully within the next couple of days I will get some pictures on here of my new fall decor! Not that I have a lot but i just love fall....not as much and Christmas...LOL....but i do have a few cute decorations up! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC week!!
See ya!!
Mrs. Avey :)