Telling the parents

We found out we were pregnant on Friday, October 21st which just so happens to be my moms birthday. I took 2 tests and both were positive so I knew it had to be true! I called Nate and he was beside himself....he made me call our clinic and make an appointment for that afternoon so the doctor could verify that I really was expecting. Our appointment was at 3:15 so the afternoon drug by. Once it was finally time to leave, Nate came and picked me up and I saw that HUGE smile on his face! We headed to the doctor and she confirmed that we were in fact, going to have a baby! We were both so excited we knew we had to share with our parents! We were trying so hard to think of a creative but quick way to tell them. We decided that we wanted to give each of our moms a charm for their Brighton charm bracelets we bought them for mothers day! We bought them a baby carriage (pictured below)! Since we were going to dinner with my parents and grandparents for my moms birthday on Sunday, we decided to wait until then so we wouldn't appear so obvious. The trick was, how do we tell nates parents?! They were down camping out at their deer lease in west fork so we decided to head down there to "hang out" for a bit. This isn't uncommon so we didn't figure it would cause them to think something was up. We got down there and I told Nate that he needed to be the one to give his mom her charm. So when we walked in the camper, Nate walked over and dropped the charm in his moms hand...she just stared at it for what seemed like an eternity!! Finally, she hopped up and came over and bear hugged us and jumped up and down! Now remember, nates dad is sitting there but hasn't seen the charm so he is just looking at us confused...so Nate has to tell his dad an all of the sudden tears come to his eyes! He has ALWAYS wanted to be a grandpa since the day we got married and I couldn't be more excited to make him one! We celebrated with them, then had to wait the loooooong wait til Sunday when I could finally tell my parents! If you know me well, you know my mom and I are extremely close so it was soooo hard not to talk other Saturday or Sunday morning! We went to eat at Joes Pasta for lunch. Nate was a nervous wreck and I was too! We were sitting at the table already when they walked in. I had moms birthday presents on the floor next to me and her charm all wrapped up ready to give her. Once we were all settled, we started handing her gifts to open. The first one was the bag olding that little charm! She opened it up just stared! My dad looked over to see what it was then they both jumped up and started hugging us! They were sol excited! Mom thought it was going to be a cruise ship charm since her and my dad are going on a cruise in January so she was floored! They are so excited to be grandparents! They have also already started spoiling their grandbaby rotten too! (see pictures below)

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