5 on Friday!

Better late than never!  Happy Friday!

Tomorrow I am going to the craft fairs with my friend Maranda and her mom.  I am excited!  I love the craft fairs!  The trees are turning and the drive out there is just beautiful!  Hopefully I'll find some goodies too!  I am all about supporting small businesses and the craft fairs are just the place to do that!

Nate rebuilt a golf cart into a hunting buggy....I'll definetly have to post pictures of it.  I knew I was married to a redneck but this is just hilarious!  We have been taking it for drives every night down to the lake and on the back roads.  We live out in the country so we aren't taking it on any major highways.  Both of my boys have been having a ball!  Porter looks forward to this every night!

This was the best picture I could get while driving (please excuse the horrid hair!)
This past weekend we hung out at Nate's parents house.  Poppy had some work to do on the tractor so Porter tagged along and helped....saftey first, folks!

In case you didn't know this, Porter is OBSESSED with outside ("side").  He will cry and cry and cry until we take him outside to "ride" or see the "goooooats".  I love this about him!  So happy for a baby that likes to be outside! Here we are feeding the goats one day last week.  He loves to run up the the fence and then run away from it once the goats start coming to him.  I think he thinks they are playing "chase". 
Porter wanted me to tell everyone "Happy Friday!"
Have a great weekend!!
The Avey's

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elise @ cheers yall said...

such precious pics! love the in action one! :)