15 months!

Mr. Porter,
You are 15 months old (almost 16 months now)!  We had your 15 month check up last week and boy have you grown!

- You are weighing in at 27 lbs. 8 oz. (98%)
- You are 33 1/4 inches long (97%)
- They said you are perfect...but I could have told them that! :)
- You are currently wearing a size 6 diaper
- You are also wearing size 2T bottoms and either 2T or 3T tops.  You are long.  I just know you'll be a big boy like your daddy!
- I've never met a more active child in my life.  You are ALWAYS on the go.  If you are awake, you are running.  You never ever walk.  Running is your way of getting around these days.  Some nights mommy and daddy fall into bed because you wear us out!  We LOVE it so much though and wouldn't trade your energy for the world. 
- Your absolute favorite word is "go!"....you say it no less than 54757815 times a day!  It is sooo funny.  You always draw out the "o"...it's usually more like "goooooo!"
- You can say "go", "mama", "dada", "night night", "ma", "Sarah", "side" (outside), "bite", "uh-oh", "this", "dog", "goat", "cow", "deer", "cat", "bottle"....I think that's it.  By no means do you say all of these on a regular basis.  Several you say all the time, others you say when you want to.
- You've started noticing when mama gets her phone out to take a picture.  You will turn your head or quit what you are doing...just like your dad!  Rotten boys!  You will still smile and goof off for the regular camera though.  I have got to get better about having it out all the time.  My phone is so much easier to get out and snap pictures with.  But I know I'll regret not having those pictures on my big camera someday too.
- You hate watching TV.  You will not sit still to watch it.  BUT, as soon as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on, you get really still and will watch him for about 15-20 minutes at a time.  It is too funny!  I don't know what it is about that show but it's the only one you will do that for.  Maybe it's because they sing all the time??  You love, love, love to dance to Mickey.  I think that might be what it is...it's good dancing music for you!
- You're the best eating little boy I have ever met.  The only things I have really found that you won't eat are boiled cabbage and eggs.  The other day Aunt Rando fed you pickled okra...and you loved it!  I am so very thankful that you aren't picky!
- You aren't scared of anything.  I try to follow you everywhere because I am so worried of what you might do.  You climb on everything and love adventure.  I've always heard that boys need adventure....and I so believe that now!  I just have to keep praying for the good Lord to keep his hand around you when I can't be with you...otherwise I might go gray by 30!
- You love animals.  I am so glad you do!

I am sure I could write a million more things about how fun you are right now!  You just get more and more fun by the day!  I am sad I haven't kept up with writing these monthly but hope to get back into the habit of at least every 3 months so someday when you read back on these you'll know exactly what you were doing at every stage in your life! 

Porter Lee,
Nothing can put a smile on mine and your daddy's face like you can!  You are the happiest, most spunky baby boy and I am so, so thankful for you! We were reminded a couple of weeks ago at church, just how precious life is and how blessed we are to be parents to such a sweet, precious baby boy like you.  I can't believe I am writing about you being 15 months old right now...it's so bittersweet.  I miss you needing me to do everything for you....but oh how I love watching you grow and learn to become a little boy.  Always know how much mommy and daddy love you. 

{mommy and bubby at the park today}
We love you to the moon baby boy!
Daddy and Mommy

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