Friday Favorites

We have had a pretty busy week around here.  Just lots of catch-up around the house, getting ready for the NWA Boutique show with my cousin's mobile boutique and a baby shower at the house tomorrow.

Porter asked me one morning while I was taking the sheets off the bed to wash if I would take a picture of him and KM.  Well he didn't have to ask me twice!  My boy does not like his picture taken unless it's his idea so I usually jump on it when he asks.

We had to run to Walmart one night for some groceries.  I took little miss with me and she helped me decide what all we needed from our recipe.  I love having a little momma's girl!  I can't wait for all of the memories I am going to get to make with her doing fun, girly things!

This little ham was eating his preferred snack, tomatoes.  How many 3 year olds do you know that pick to eat tomatoes over other things??  He is SOOO picky though so don't let that fool you.  I can't get him to drink water to save my life! 

Then there's this little priss.  She has been walking around all day with her and Porter's Halloween buckets on like purses.  What a little diva we have on our hands!

Tonight I am going to help my cousin at her mobile boutique and then tomorrow we have one of my best friend, Christin's shower at our house.  Sunday is reserved for more shop siding fun!   We have a busy, busy weekend ahead but next week is a short week for us then we are off the entire week before Thanksgiving.  Happy to have some time with my babies! 


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