Operation Christmas Trees

Last week, Nate headed to deer camp so I took the week off and the babies and I spent some time together.  Nate left early Friday morning so we spent Friday getting Christmas boxes down and buying a new {BIG} Christmas tree!  We have never had 14 foot ceilings in our living room before so it was fun buying a big tree for our living room.  Porter thought it was so cool when we put it up.  He said "Momma, that is HUGE!".  It was so much fun putting up our decorations this year because Porter is soooo into Christmas.  He is just amazed by it all.  Of course, we have to mix in the true meaning of Christmas too.  He knows that momma is crazy about putting up lots of trees and decorations but he also knows that we just do that for fun.  Jesus is the real reason for the season! 

Here is my sweet boy putting his ornaments on his tree.  His tree is full of all of his daddy's ornaments from when he was a kid as well as the yearly ornament we have bought him since he was born.  He gets one new one every year with a significant meaning behind it.  This year it was a Paw Patrol ornament because that has been his big thing this year.  

Here is sister's tree.  It is my old tree I had growing up.  Bright and funky, just the way I like it!  It matches her room perfectly and I can't wait until she is a little bigger and wants to help with decorating. 

Here is our bedroom tree.  It is an rustic, outdoor tree and I love how it turned out this year.  I cannot get a good picture of it for the life of me because it is terrible lighting in our room.  I still have some work to do with ribbon and adding a topper but that will come eventually.  

And my new tree.  It's just traditional red and green but I love it.  It turned out better than I thought it would. I have been buying ornaments for it for a couple of years now and finally had enough for a tree this year.  It is so cozy and the babies love it! 

Here is a picture of Porter's finished tree.  He is so proud.  It's just a little 4 foot tree (I think next year we may need to get a 6 foot because it's getting a little full) but he LOVES it.  We go in every night and sit with the tree lights on and the big light off so we can just look at it.  He keeps telling me he just needs some presents for his best buddies! 

My cousin Amanda came and spent the night with us the Friday night Nate left so she played with the babies while mommy decorated Christmas trees.  She is seriously the best.  We LOVE Manda.  And she loves my babies.  I left to run check on our goats (one is fixing to kid) and when I got back I found these two snuggled up in my bed reading Porter's new Paw Patrol book.  He loves her! 

Saturday we started our morning out running by Maw and Googy's house to help unpack some.  Porter found a nice seat here in Maw's bush.  He is a mess!

We also ran and got a MUCH needed haircut.  He is looking extra big these days! 

Nate was supposed to come back home the following Thursday but by Monday night he was missing home.  He hadn't seen much of anything and no one on the lease had seen anything either.  It was supposed to storm the next day so he figured he would just come home and hunt here.  And I think judging by this picture, everyone else missed daddy too!

Saturday morning, me and this cutie decided to head out for a girls shopping day.  We met Maw for breakfast then we headed to our favorite, Target.  Maw had some other things to do so me and my girl headed out to a few other stores to get some other Christmas shopping done, then we headed home to wrap some presents (and for naps for the little ones!).  

She LOVES these headphones.  She comes in almost every day wearing them.  My be boppin' girl!

And this is how we feel about a short week.  Wishing we could just skip ahead to the long weekend! 

Last night on of my best friends had something she needed to do and she needed someone to watch her girls.  We didn't have anything going on so the girls came over to play for a couple of hours.  My kiddos had SO much fun!  Love my friends and  their sweet babies!

Hope you all have a good, short week and a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


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