Sweet As Pie

These babies are killing me with their cuteness lately. I know they are mine but I just can't get over their sweet, precious little personalities.

This girl woke up early one morning so we had some early morning girl time watching cartoons, snuggling our baby dolls. That face...she is precious!

This boy is starting to like to play with costumes. He came in dressed as a firefighter last night and said "I am going to put the fire out for you momma! Don't worry!" He's always taking care of his momma! 

We had to visit the doctor this week because little Miss had some sort of bite on her hand one morning when she woke up. It was so big swollen and her hand was so red. After her nap there were 2 more on her arm and another on her other wrist. We still have no idea what they are but the doctor said possibly spider bits or staph although she has never seen staph come up in more than one spot. They put her on some strong antibiotics and by the next night the swelling was down and redness gone. She likes to keep mommy and daddy on their toes I guess! 

Her poor little swollen hand. 

Today is our Friday and we are happy about that! And we are off all next week so I have some fun things planned with the babies. We are also going to put up our Christmas tree this weekend. We had a shower at the house last weekend or it would have gone up the day after Halloween! Just call me the crazy Christmas lady!

Have a good week!


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