5 on Friday!

It's that time again!

I only have 7 days left at my current job.....SEVEN DAYS!!!  (I had 2 personal days to burn or I'd lose them and Memorial Day just happened to fall within my last 3 weeks...it's a win/win!)

I really don't think I have to say anything about how sweet this picture is!  Nothing makes me happier than these 2 boys!
Tomorrow, Porter and I are spending the day with my mom.  I love days like this!  We are going to shop, eat and laugh all day long!  Love spending time with my mama!
Porter got to ride the horse with Uncle Kyle this past weekend.  He did a lot better than the first time he rode!  I have a feeling Porter and Uncle Kyle are going to be best buds as he gets older!

Just because he is so cute and funny....

I realize all of my posts are about Porter but I just can't help it....he's so cute! 
Have a great weekend!
The Avey's

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