Midweek Randoms

I'm linking up with Megan from for some Midweek Randoms this week!

- I'm excited because tonight we are going to dinner with our best friends Nick and Maranda (and sweet Bela too) for Maranda's birthday dinner.  We don't actually get to be with her on her birthday this weekend because they'll be out of town so we are celebrating early.  Birthdays last a whole month anyway, right?

- I'm off tomorrow and Friday.  And I'm REALLY excited!  Tomorrow we are going for a pool day with Meredith and Christin (and the babies of course) and Friday I think we will just hang out and do some fun things around the house. 

- Nate was going to have to work Monday but decided to take the day off to hang out with me and Mr. Porter.  We are excited!  We don't get many extra days off with each other so hopefully we will have something fun planned for the day.

- This Saturday is the first Razorback game of the season!  I'd be more excited if Nate didn't have to work this Saturday (he never has to work Saturdays) but we will just make the best of it and support our Razorbacks in our red and white. 

- I really love summer time.  I am thankful we have had a mild summer and the temperatures have been wonderful!  But, I will say that seeing all of the fall clothes start making appearences in stores has me really excited for cooler weather, boots, sweaters and all of the other fun thing fall brings. 

- Speaking of fall, a guy at my work (for 4 more days...holla!) has a local pumpkin patch and it's the BEST one around.  We started going there right around the time we got married.  The first time we went was actually right before our wedding to get pumpkins for our wedding.  We took Porter last year and it was the best yet.  That was one of the things I was MOST excited about was taking Porter to the pumpkin patch for the first time.  This year will be even more fun because he can walk around and pick out pumpkins himself!

Pumpkin Patch 2012
 (He is seriously precious)

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!  (Hopefully I'll post again before next week ;)

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Miranda said...

SO very excited for some COLLEGE FOOTBALL! :) :) :)